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World Trigger
World Trigger Volume 1
First Japanese Volume Of World Trigger.


Shueisha Flag of Japan
Viz Media Flag of CanadaFlag of US

Author (Mangaka)

Daisuke Ashihara (葦原 大介

Serialized In

Weekly Shōnen Jump (週刊少年ジャンプ) Flag of Japan
Weekly Shonen Jump Flag of CanadaFlag of US

First Japanese Issue

February 11, 2013

Last Japanese Issue


Serialization Frequency


Number Of Volumes Released

1 Flag of Japan
0 Flag of CanadaFlag of US



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World Trigger @ Shonen Jump

World Trigger (ワールドトリガー) is a manga written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. The manga has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump by Shueisha since February 2013, with individual chapters collected into one tankōbon volumes as of July 2013. The story starts with one day, in Mikado City, a gateway to a parallel universe opens. From it, an outbreak of aliens known as Neighbors wreaked havoc across the city with their own sophisticated technology. Suddenly, a mysterious group of people bring themselves together to repel their attacks. Soon after, Border is formed, an organization researching Neighbor technology and maintaining a defense system against the Neighbors. Its members are armed with weapons known as Triggers. Four years later, the city has recovered from initial Neighbor attacks to the point where its civilians have become used to them, though few people outside the city want to come and live there.


Yūma Kuga is a transfer student from a foreign country admitted to a local school. There, he meets fellow classmate Osamu Mikumo and a group of bullies harassing the two. After fighting off the bullies, a Neighbour appears. One of the bullies is about to get eaten, but Osamu, actually a member of Border, activates his Trigger, but fails to defeat the Neighbor, leaving Kuga to activate his own Trigger and defeat it successfully. Kuga reveals he isn't actually part of Border, and that his Trigger is a memento of his dead father who wanted him to move to Japan. He also reveals his father wasn't part of Border either, and that he actually transferred from the alternate dimension where the Neighbors come from.


The manga of World Trigger is written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara and is published in the Japanese-language magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump since Issue 11 of 2013 (February). The first volume was released on July 04, 2013. Chapters are numbered in the format Chapter X (第X話, Dai X wa), occasionally with a hexagon surrounding the number, the shape a cube appears when viewed from a vertex.

Viz Media has licensed the manga for the North American production and put the manga in its The release of the first chapter was simultaneous with Japan as part of the re-branded North Amercian version of Weekly Shōnen Jump, previously Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha, called Weekly Shonen Jump.

Volume ListEdit

This list contains all chapters current in tankōbon/volume format.

Volume Number and Title
Japan Flag of Japan North America Flag of Canada Flag of US
Release Date ISBN Release Date ISBN
Volume #1
July 4, 2013 ISBN: 978-4-08-870809-6 - ISBN: -
Cover Character:
  • Yūma Kuga
World Trigger Volume 1
Number Of Pages: 192

Chapters Not Yet In VolumesEdit

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume. They were originally serialized in issues of Weekly Shōnen Jump from February 2013 onwards.

  1. "Osamu Mikumo" (三雲 修 Mikumo Osamu)
  2. "Yūma Kuga" (空閑 遊真 Kuga Yūma)
  3. "Yūma Kuga: Part 2" (空閑 遊真 ➁ Kuga Yūma 2)
  4. "Osamu Mikumo: Part 2" (三雲 修 ➁ Mikumo Osamu 2)
  5. "Yūma Kuga: Part 3" (空閑 遊真 ➂ Kuga Yūma 3)
  6. "Arashiyama Unit" (嵐山隊 Arashiyama-tai)
  7. "Ai Kitora" (木虎 藍 Kitora Ai)
  8. "Ai Kitora: Part 2" (木虎 藍 ➁ Kitora Ai 2)
  9. "Ai Kitora: Part 3" (木虎 藍 ➂ Kitora Ai 3)
  10. "Border's Upper Echelons" (ボーダー上層部 Bōdā Jōsōbu)
  11. "Yūichi Jin" (迅 悠一 Jin Yūichi)
  12. "Chika Amatori" (雨取 千佳 Amatori Chika)
  13. "Chika Amatori: Part 2" (雨取 千佳 ➁ Amatori Chika 2)
  14. "Miwa Unit" (三輪隊 Miwa-tai)
  15. "Miwa Unit: Part 2" (三輪隊 ➁ Miwa-tai 2)
  16. "Miwa Unit: Part 3" (三輪隊 ➂ Miwa-tai 3)
  17. "Yūichi Jin: Part 2" (迅 悠一 ➁ Jin Yūichi 2)
  18. "Yugo Kuga" (空閑 ?? "Kuga Yugo")
  19. "Tamakoma Branch" (?? "Tamakoma-?")


  • "Talented Elite Jin" (実力派エリート迅 Jitsuryokuha Erīto Jin)